5 FB Pages Every Delhi University Student Must Follow!

If you have just started at Delhi University this year, there would be too much information to gulp down at once (been there, done that bro)! So we thought, why not simplify it for you. We did thoda research and marked the top 5 FB pages you can follow to keep updated on your campus, all the time!

DU Beat

Why Follow: DU Updates – On elections, festivals, debates, and happenings across DU


Run completely by undergraduate students, DU Beat has been running ever since October 2007. Currently enjoying a readership of over 20,000 in Print and 300,000 on Web, it is the only registered print newspaper in the varsity with a weekly edition.

  1. From opening of a new library to upcoming college fests to events,  you will find it all here.
  2. DUBspeak: Space for the DU students to express their voice about issues.
  3. Authored pieces by students on books, college life and other articles of interest.
  4. Arts & Culture—All about music, movies and food

Follow them here: Facebook Instagram
Email: tips@dubeat.com

The Delhi University Photographers’ Club (DUPC)

Why Follow: Photography – Photowalks, Workshops, learn and explore photography


DUPC a student-organised club is for all student photographers studying in Delhi University. They have a core team of 22 students from across the campus and are associated with photography societies of many DU colleges.

  1. Free Photography Workshops by professional photographers, which take place in selected colleges for all DU Students.
  2. Photowalks (every Sunday) & Events for the DUPC members to capture, share and refine their work.
  3. Information on upcoming photography fests and activities of various colleges’ photography societies.
  4. For membership, fill this form: http://bit.ly/2ul8dWV 

Follow them here: Facebook Instagram
Email: dupcofficial@gmail.com

Spoon University – Delhi

Why Follow:  Food – Discover local hangouts, recipes, student hacks


An online food media publication, which is headquartered in New York, Spoon DU is the first International chapter. It aims to simplify for the students who are managing on their own and make their food experience yummy and easy.

  1. They feature recipes, hacks, best restaurants around campus and much more.
  2. You can share your experience and food images with them and get featured.
  3. Read informative articles on food on their FB page.
  4. On the sidetrack, Spoon DU also teaches the best practices in digital media to aspiring journalists, marketers and event planners.

Follow them here: Facebook Instagram
Email: spoonuniversity.du@gmail.com

Delhi University Internship Cell (DUIC)

Why Follow: Jobs – Quality internships and connecting with recruiters of choice


DUIC is a student-run Facebook community that helps students to find the perfect internship in the field they wish to pursue. Initially a side project of a student-run organisation, Porcellia, it used Facebook to hire interns for a few of its clients and became a hit.

  1. It’s your one-stop place to look for quality, paid internship with reputed brands.
  2.  Look for various available opportunities with details including the brand coordinates and desired requirements.
  3. Informative articles on how to find the best internship, making the most out of it and do’s and don’ts when you start out.

Follow them here: Facebook
Email: duinternshipcell@gmail.com

All India Students’ Association (AISA)

Why Follow: Politics – Ongoing University campaigns, issues and student welfare


AISA-Delhi University Facebook Page features regular updates on issues ranging from Delhi University to burning issues concerning the nation. AISA states its vision as to build a society where education is available for everyone, irrespective of any discrimination.

  1. Student movements on issues like need of hostels, scholarships for the needy and making campuses gender sensitive.
  2. They share articles about the various changes/laws/events in the country.
  3. On the light side, you can also see some memes that talk of the ongoing issues in the campuses and nation.

P.S: The page features AISA’s opinion on the issues

Follow them here: Facebook
Email: aisahq@gmail.com

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