Grandeur, Music And Ah-May-Zing Beer! Hail Oktobeerfest!

Lord of the Drinks (LOTD) Barrel House has decided to celebrate the popular German Oktoberfest in its own unique manner – by offering beer at just Rs 29 all day! (Sachi, it’s true!) Calling it Oktobeerfest, the microbrewery has some of its best brew on offer. And it’s on till Oct 18! Plus, given the grandiose ambience and the chill music in the background, it only gets better!

Can you see those beer tankers at the back? Yeah!!

Really, and what’s exactly on offer?

Well, expect the finest of beer here with options ranging from German Lagers, Belgium Witbier, Hefeweizen, and Marzen (being the specially crafted one especially for Oktoberfest – Marzen means March in German). The latter is a must-try delicacy with a beautiful copper red colour and a distinct taste to savour. If you are new to beer, sip it slow as it has quite a buzz (6.5% alcohol by volume). Also, expect it to be a li’l bitter on your palate, but you’ll develop the taste in a few sips (it’s International Bitterness Unit is 22).

Damn that Marzen, just so ah-may-zing!

And you said beer @Rs 29, is it?

Haanji, that’s right! The ongoing Oktobeerfest will run up till the 18th of this month and offers all beers at Rs 29 before 8.00pm. Post this, its Rs 59 (which is still damn cheap)! Given the quality they serve with good music in the background and plush ambience you get to enjoy – two floors with ample space to even run around!

There is more than one reason to visit Lord of the Drinks Barrel House!

Why you should not miss Oktobeerfest?

  1. For the sheer love of the brew (tee hee, valid reason bro)
  2. Ongoing offer is too cheap to be true (yeaaaaah)
  3. Any treats pending? This is the time! So Sasta!
  4. New to beer but don’t want to spend too much
  5. Experiment with different types on offer
  6. Pocket-friendly, grand ambience

And we are sure you can come up with many others for ek glassy do glassy teen glassy chaar!

And what’s Oktoberfest waise?

Oktoberfest is originally an annual beer festival and travelling funfair held in Bavaria, Germany. Usually spanning 16-18 days, this festival has been holding strong ever since 1810s, and offers traditional food, amusement and other attractions for its visitors.  Its opening day is a gala affair with colourful parades, carriages, and costume-clad people dancing and making merry on the streets of Munich.


Where:  Lord of the Drinks Barrel House, Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Contact:  08527329888
Timing: 12.00 PM till midnight
Oktobeerfest: Till October 18
Ambience: Microbrewery, Grand
Waiting Time: 15-20 minutes
Must Try: Marzen Beer

Photos and Content: ©Team Kyaa Karein

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