Gurugram – the short film, screens on Dec 10!

Claps to our local boys who made this fascinating fiction on the ever-growing city of Gurugram! Showing the dark side of the city, which is a job hub and an exciting town to party, the movie deals with a side that is known to just a few.

What’s Gurugram all about?

Work of fiction that revolves around lives of four people – a minister, his right hand man, a cop and a local goon, is basically a revenge thriller. Gurugram, runs for 45 minutes showing how the lives of these four get intertwined through one common link.

Producers Harsh Vardhan Wig and Ishan Piplani (Many Faced TV) say the plot is inspired from real events happening in the city. The thrust to go ahead with the project was after they had made several videos for The Hindustan Times on the city. On seeing how people react to the negativity of Gurgaon, they decided to make a short film on the same.

When dreams get real


This homegrown production house Many Faced TV was formed 15 months back when the team decided to follow their passion for filmmaking. Interestingly, none of the team member has any industry background, but the love for this art brought them to realise their dream starting with short films.

Cannes returned eh?

Their short films have been screen on NDTV and one of their short film (the final draft streaming on pocket films) was also selected and screened at Cannes short film festival (now that’s impressive!).

Custom screenings too!

If you want to watch the movie with a bunch of close friends, you can also contact them for a private screening anywhere in India. And you can do that at no extra charge – isn’t that awesome!

We are definitely going to support our homies, join us! Let’s cheer these guys!


What: Gurugram – Short Film (45 mins)
When: December 10
Where: Delhi and Gurgaon
Tickets: Delhi, Gurgaon

P.S: Gurugram will also be screened in Mumbai and Kolkata (in case you happen to be there).

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