World Music Day Fest @ Hard Rock Cafés!

Yet again for the third time in a row Artist Aloud has announced its World Music Day Fest this weekend – July 1-2 across major Indian cities. To be held in Hard Rock Cafes of Delhi and Gurgaon, it will also host pre-gigs on June 29.

World Music Day Fest 2017 at Hard Rock Cafes

In this three-day extravaganza, you can enjoy live music by hand-picked artists playing different genres and celebrate World Music Day Fest amidst good company and music. Now isn’t that something?

Delhi Indie Project will perform live on June 29 at Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

If you are planning to visit Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi, then you can enjoy live music by Delhi Indie Project and Rabbi Shergill.

Delhi Indie Project play Indie, Sufi and Fusion and is a five-member band:
Ashish Chauhan – Vocals/Guitar/Drums
Jasmine Kaur – Vocals
Mayank Bhatnagar – Bass Guitar
Vaibhav Ahuja – Drums
Shashank Singhania – Flute

Rabbi Shergill will perform live on July 1 at Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

And Rabbi Shergill ko kaun nahi jaanta?

EKA will perform live on June 29 at Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon

For those planning to hit Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon, you can hum to the beats of EKA on the pre gig event on June 29.

EKA is known for their genre ‘Swatantra Rock’ and is a three-member band:
Benjamine Pinto – Vocals & Keyboards
Hitesh Madan – Vocals & Guitar
Lokesh Madan – Vocals & Bass Guitar

Hari and Sukhmani will perform live on July 2 at Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon

Duo Hari and Sukhmani (Sukhmani Malik & Hari Singh Jaaj) play Folktronica, Asian underground, Electronica and Fusion, and will perform live on July 2 as the main gig artists. Sounds interesting right?

P.S: This event is in partnership with Hard Rock Café and is sponsored by Johnie Walker and will also be held in HRCs of  Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. We just thought you should know 😉

Where: Hard Rock Cafes, Delhi and Gurgaon
Time: 8.30 pm onwards
When: Pre gig on June 29, and main event on July 1-2

Venue Pre-gig artist
(on June 29 2017)
Main gig artist
(July 1-2 2017)
Hard Rock Cafe – Delhi Delhi Indie Project Rabbi Shergill  (1st July)
Hard Rock Cafe – Gurgaon EKA Hari & Sukhmani (2nd July)



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