Walk Into An Interesting History Tale – July 23


Sunday morning ka kya scene hai?  How about taking a morning walk with friends as we listen to apni Dilli ki kahani? (Aajkal mausam bhi mast hai)

Delhi Karavan is organising a three-hour heritage walk on this 23rd July at Jahanpanah ruins, Hauz Khas, where the walk leaders Aditya Pathak & Asif Khan Dehlvi will tell the bygone stories of this place. While you have only passed by these ruins all this while, be a true Dilliwala and know their history!

Plus it’s monsoon! The weather is going to be ah-may-zing (and romantic, wink wink). Walking down the ruins amidst green surroundings and street food to leap on, this could be your healthiest and most entertaining Sunday to come!

delhi-karavan-heritage-walk_kyaakarein copyright
Walking through the tall green grass in monsoon breeze towards Begampur Mosque, bliss!

Why coming along is a great idea?

  • It’s an interesting story-telling session on our Dilli
  • It covers Hazaar Sutun, Bijay Mandal and Begumpur Mosque
  • Meet like-minded people and make new friends
  • It’s a walk, best form of exercise!
  • Spend time with that special someone, walk hand-in-hand (tee hee)
  • Experience it with your own gang
  • If you are an Archeology student, this is a must-attend

Plus Point: It wouldn’t be a boring history lesson, but an interactive story-telling session where the stories related to the places will be shared with all walkers. We get to talk, bond and know more about the past of the city we live in. We’re in!

Join in an interactive story-telling session_kyaakarein copyright
Join in an interactive story-telling session

What you should keep in mind?

  • Weather’s always playing peek-a-boo, carry your sunglasses/umbrellas
  • Carry water and some snacks to munch on
  • Comfortable shoes as we have to walk lots! The trail is uneven, we don’t anyone hurt
  • Fully-covered clothes to escape any insect bites/grass allergies, just as a precaution

Here’s a teaser: Jahanpanah or the ‘Refuge of the World’, established as the capital by the more infamous Sultan because of his destructive policies, Mohammad bin Tughluq in the 14th century became the fourth city in the long and checkered history of Delhi.

Kya sochna, aa jao… saath chalenge!

Featured Image Source: Delhi Karavan FB Page


Event: Revisiting history: Heritage walk in Jahanpanah
Bijai Mandal, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
When: July 23, 2017
Timings: 8.00am- 11.00am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: INR 300
Meeting Point: Entry to Bijay Mandal complex, opp Sarvapriya Vihar Club
How to reach: Nearest metro station is Hauz Khas. Exit from Gate no 2 and take an auto to the club or walk on the approach road on your left.
Parking: Available at meeting point
Queries: 9818278665

Photos: ©Team Kyaa Karein


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