A Biker’s Mecca – The Biker’s Café, Gurgaon

If there is a place every biker can swear by, it has to be Biker’s Café. Themed to the T, it literally oozes everything bike with over 90% of the décor done by bikers themselves! Owned and run by Sanjay Yadav, a passionate biker himself, you can feel his biker’s heart behind the entire concept.

Looking Around

The interiors of the Biker’s Café can make any biker cry with joy. A handsome Harley exhibited at the entrance, with flags and posters of bike events, helmets and other collectibles from around the world adding a rugged charm to the place. What’s more, there are bike miniatures everywhere, the chair backs have hooks for carefully hanging a biker’s jacket and helmet, while the cutlery is especially designed to look like tools. Also, you can see hand-painted artwork done by bikers (whoa!) while the windows feature women bikers from worldwide with inspiring quotes.

Biker’s Cafe has a beautiful outdoor seating arrangement

Bikers Need to Eat!

Being a biker himself Sanjay knew very well what goes in the menu. There is a range of detoxifying drinks (to keep bikers hydrated and rejuvenate their skin and eyes that get affected the most by dust and pollution), an amazing spread of food (as a bikers journey is also about food exploration), and an interesting blend of cocktails.

Veg Samui Benedict

In food, we started with Veg Signature Samui Benedict (Samui comes from Koh Samui Island) and Mushroom Chardonnay. The Samui Benedict came with whitish ranch dressing that adds a bit of tanginess and a dash of Thai Panang curry for some coconut flavour. This is the only time you will find a veg benedict in the world.

Mushroom Chardonnay

The Mushroom Chardonnay is a definite treat for mushroom lovers. Non-fried mushrooms covered in a perfect fusion of teriyaki and soya cooked generously in white wine. A hint of rosemary adds that extra zing to this Vietnamese dish.

Moon Looks Great From The Forest

The Moon Looks Great From The Forest was next, an amazing concoction cooked using cream spinach, hung curd and dried fruits. On the concept of deceptive flavours, this is one of those recipes that gives a distinct flavour in every bite, so while you may start with one, it ends with another. Served with a complimenting special mint sauce, this is must try!

Vietnamese Vegan Rolls

On recommendation, we tried the Vietnamese Vegan Rolls too. Rolled delicately in rice paper, filled with fresh, thin-sliced veggies and tofu, these are the perfect healthy appetizers that are light on the tummy too.

Fuel It Up

Cocktails at Biker’s Café are as interesting as the rest of the menu. Named after bikes, they recharge you perfectly after a tiring ride. We tried Ducati, a watermelon-based tequila drink that gets a tangy taste with some Kafir lime and sweet and sour syrup. But for those who want a stronger cocktail, Jim Beam-based Royal Enfield is a must try. A dash of orange and passion fruit juice with a hint of lime and mint makes it even better. (Damn so good!)

The cocktails have bike-y names and taste yum!


There’s more eh?

Besides the refreshing collection of rock music played at the café, you can enjoy games like Foos Ball, Community Zynga and Ice Hockey. There is an enviable collection of Bike magazines from around the world to splurge on, and a confession board in the restroom (Yes! Spill it out). They also screen bike events and races besides being a popular starting spot for many bike journeys (they hosted the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as well), and bike launches (for which it opens up as early as 6am on special requests).

Play it up, keep it light at Biker’s Cafe

Also, if it’s a special occasion for you, instead of dedicating a song, they rev up the sound of a bike in full throttle. Isn’t that so cool?


Where:  The Biker’s Café, PSP 12, Ground Floor, Emaar MGF Palm Spring Plaza, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Contact:  09910166641
Cuisine: Healthy, Fusion and Multi-Cuisine
Timing: 8.15 AM to Midnight
Ambience: Everything Bike
Waiting time: 15-20 minutes
Must Try:  Signature Samui Benedict, Moon looks great from the forest
Meal for two: INR 1,500 for two
Website: www.thebikerscafe.com

Gyaan: Lucky enough we got to spend some time with Sanjay Yadav, the biker owner of the cafe who shared a bit from his immense knowledge of bikes and everything related. Most interestingly, he told us about the annual Isle of Man Bike Races that are a must-visit for every bike devout. This is a race when an entire town empties out to be the venue and hosting this grand event. Do check it out you bikers!

Photos and Content: ©Team Kyaa Karein

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