Breakfast @ Di Ghent Cafe, Gurgaon

We were both bored, we were both restless. Tired of the daily rut of our corporate lives we were caught between giving up and starting afresh. We kept thinking, kyaa karein (what to do), until last night when we decided to live the city, randomly.

Early morning 5.00am, we were frantically calling each other to ensure we are awake and ready to go. 6.00am, we leave and drive off from one satellite city to another for some breakfast. We had zomato-ed to find decent places in Gurgaon for food. Tempting as it sounded we zeroed in on Naashta, only to find out it’s a take away joint (when we called in for directions). Nevertheless, our second round of search led us to Di Ghent Café, Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon.

English Breakfast Tea, Di Ghent Cafe, Gurgaon_Kyaakarein Copyright
English Breakfast Tea, Di Ghent Cafe, Gurgaon

When you reach a place at early hours of the day you wonder if it’s open yet. Thankfully our apprehensions were subsided when we saw its staff moving around from outside the glass windows with white wooden frames. Before we even entered the place, we knew we would like it. Cosily decorated, the interiors were warm and comfortable. As you can guess, we were the first customers, as we had arrived close to 8.00am. A few minutes later, a casually dressed woman in her mid somethings walked in the café. She went straight to the kitchen and towards us in another five minutes and asked, “have you decided on your order?” and gave us time to set on it.

Honestly, our initial response was distraction. She had blue eyes (could be lenses, but who cares, they looked spectacular) matched with an eye-liner of the same colour. Anyway, we ordered a breakfast package that came at a mere INR 600 and included any choice of eggs, beverages and brioche. We also ordered the Di Ghent special pasta to go with the selection.

Di Ghent Special Pasta
Di Ghent Special Pasta

The food came in within 15 minutes and we attacked it the very second it was served. Chomp chomp chomp we finished it quick and sat back on the cosy sofa chairs to enjoy our tea. This is when we started looking around. While we were slurping down the food, Di Ghent had accommodated many more customers on other tables. A lively group of fresh graduates cracking jokes on the mid high wooden chairs on our left, a father and daughter enjoying a peaceful meal with an expatriate couple on the white wooden furniture to our right were already settled in. the couple’s infant was another distraction. Toothless and smiling, he seemed to be on a roll.

After every conversation, we would start talking about the ambience. The sofa seats in which we were sinking after having eaten till our neck, the hanging lanterns (we are so going to buy those lanterns for our homes!) that were just the right contrast for the savoury display of desserts below and the arrangement of condiments in glass jars and jute potlis just outside the kitchen were a visual delight. We also got a chance to chat with the attractive lady before we left.

Mushroom Cheese Omlette
Mushroom Cheese Omlette

We didn’t want to move out in the scorching heat but we had spent enough time sinking in our chairs after eating so much. Much to our surprise when we walked across the floor, we discovered the second, much larger Di Ghent Café by the corner. We know we are coming back to this place, for sure!

When we came home from Di Ghent, we were dreaming about that special pasta. While we are striving to get the chef special, here’s an easy recipe to make that lip-smacking white sauce pasta!


Where: 208, Level 2, Cross Point Mall, Opposite Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
Ambience: Awesome. Comfortable and classy
Service: Decent waiting
Waiting time: 20 -25 minutes
Must Try:  Di Ghent special Pasta
Meal for two: INR 1,500 plus taxes

We are open for some motivation. Comments are just below 😉

Photos: Team Kyaa Karein

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