Cafe Wink, Shrestha Vihar, Delhi

6.30 am. My phone rang. It was her on the other side of the phone. “Are you up?” she asked from the other side. That was enough to wake me up and get going. We had a plan to execute, another one to boast about at gatherings. “Café Wink”, she had said. We had finally found a place to explore in the eastern part of the city. Yay!

Cafe Wink, Shrestha Vihar, Delhi

Not that there is a dearth of cafés in East Delhi, but this one comes off as a genuine surprise. Thanks to the maps online, reaching the venue wasn’t that crazy. Nestled in the residential area of Shrestha Vihar, this cosy outlet seems to be quite popular for the local young crowd. The décor has a certain fresh feeling about it. Seemingly based on a rock theme, there is an entire wall dedicated to the genre. From The Beatles, to Pink Floyd to Ronnie, you will find them framed on the wall in a manner that you would subconsciously be transported to that era gone by.

Kit Kat Shake, Kyaakarein Copyright
Kit Kat Shake

Since we had reached before the café opened, the staff was obliged to give us a look that meant, “Really, that early?” but still polite. We ordered the famous Kitkat Shake (heard from two friends who had visited earlier, it was a must try) with a Cheese Omelette and sandwiches. We could see our food being prepared through the open kitchen, while one of cleaning staff members struggled asking us to move a bit so he could clean the area (can’t blame him, we had reached before them remember?).

Cheese Omlette_kyaakarein copyright
Cheese Omlette

Looking around the place, it wouldn’t accommodate many we thought, but enough, we counter-thought. It seemed like an ideal place to catch up with your close friends, since it has a certain cosy feeling about it. In fact, not a bad place for a casual date too. (Wink wink).

No straying, let’s get back to the food (he he). We had occupied the chairs close to the glass wall from where we could see outside. When our food arrived, we looked at each other for a split second and pounced on it. Excuse us, we were damn hungry. While the sandwiches were oh-kay (but extremely fresh, quite like the ones mum makes at home), the Kitkat Shake was to die for! Certainly a must-try! The Cheese Omelette was fairly good too, but not exceptional. The portions were good and so we had to get a sandwich packed as a take away. We asked for the bill and walked out happy. We were done under INR 400! (Cheap, isn’t it? La la la la)

Who knew there existed a café amidst a residential area like Shrestha Vihar? And since you know now, how about a quick coffee? (Wink wink)


Where: G-1, Sikka Galaxy, Near Dav Public School, Shreshtha Vihar, New Delhi-110092
Ambience:  College-like and comfortable
Service: Quick
Waiting time: 10-15 minutes
Must Try:  KitKat Shake 
Meal for two: INR 600 plus taxes

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Photos: Team Kyaa Karein

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