Chai Pakora @ Triveni Terrace Cafe

Lazy people who love to eat will always find places where there is least hassle. Add to it – accessible location, relish-worthy food and refreshing surroundings, and you will find us there, drooling. So, while it was raining and we wanted to brunch, we knew exactly where to go – Triveni Terrace Café.

Triveni Terrace Cafe_kyaakarein-copyright
Triveni Terrace Cafe

Located inside Triveni Kala Sangram, Mandi House, opposite FICCI; this terrace café is lined by a lush green patch on one side. A cosy place in itself, it can easily accommodate about 25-30 people. You can choose to either sit indoors or enjoy the weather outside with fresh air kissing your cheek. (It is actually a good place for a quick date.) The menu is relatively simple; but all super yummy. The menu cards given to you will differ depending on the time you reach; so while all day snacks will give you options for upma, sabudaana khidchi, omelettes and poha, the lunch menu would delight you with chana masala, kadi pakora, palak paneer, keema matar and the like. (Yum Yum)

Chai Pakora at Triveni Cafe_kyaakarein copyright
Chai Pakora at Triveni Cafe

Since it is getting chilly everyday and the balmy sun was shining gracefully, ordering chai and pakora platter was our birth right. (It’s a different story we ended up repeating the order for its yumminess.) We wanted more, so we asked for cheese sandwiches and a filter coffee too. (Yes, filter kaapi still exists!). When the food arrived, we stopped talking; our entire concentration was on food and the drizzle that kept the surroundings pleasant. Completely content with the food, we ended it on a sweet note with some Spiced Carrot Cake, which we are not exaggerating, delicious and melted in our mouth. We weren’t surprised when we paid only INR 505 for all of this. (Imagine!)

Carrot Cake at Triveni Cafe_kyaakarein copyright
Carrot Cake at Triveni Cafe

One good thing about the café is that you get to meet people from various backgrounds. For instance, while we were clicking images to share with you, the gentleman at the next table began to chat with us and give us tips on how to get better shots. After a while we learnt that he is a photography professor. We were in luck that we met someone who gave us some valuable tips. All in all, a day spent well!

Ohkay, the Spiced Carrot Cake is making our mouths water yet again. So, here’s the quick recipe for you!


Where: 205, Tan Sen Marg, Opposite FICCI Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi
Ambience: Cosy and refreshing
Service: Quick. Polite staff
Waiting time: 8- 10 minutes
Must Try: Spiced Carrot Cake, Assorted Pakora Platter and masala tea.
Meal for two: INR 500 plus taxes

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Photos: Team Kyaa Karein


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