Enjoy the Greens with a perfect view @ NEC, Munirka!

You just can’t ignore the amazing weather in Delhi right now. With Monsoons at its best, it is the right time to catch up with friends at a place that lets you enjoy every bit of the rains. And guess what, we found this awesome place that fits the bill perfectly – the NEC Food Resto in Munirka!

NEC is just the place to be right now!

Connect with nature

It may look like any other rooftop shack but trust us, it is so much more. With foliage covering all open corners of the place, it is a delight sitting in fresh air with soft breeze sweeping across your face as you enjoy that coffee of yours. The ambience is neat, with generous use of bamboo, adding to the nature-connect element that is so evident here. At nights, this place magically turns into a dreamland, with fairy lights and a dreamy feel (agla date pakka yahin pe!)

Khaana peena

Fresh and healthy, all their drinks are refreshing to the core!

Since we reached here empty stomach we ended up ordering the much-recommneded Assamese Thali, the Chicken Cheese burger and a  plate of Tandoori Momos. To gulp it down we had a glass of Watermelon Molini (so fresh that we could taste fruit chunks in our mouth) and a Virgin Mojito (soda-based, but just apt on salt and sugar).

This Assamese thali needs two to finish!

The Assamese Thali (INR 349) seems casual when served but wait until you dig in. It comes with a good portion of rice, dal, fish tenga, aloo pitika, brinjal fry, salad and a seasonal vegetable (humein bhindi mili) and enough for two people to share easily.  Every item is easy on the palate, tastes good and is very filling. The brinjal fry for instance, is cut into chips when cooked but retains its crunch and flavor. The bhindi too, is cooked differently and tastes more like a snack than sabzi. We asked the secret – they majorly cook in mustard oil, with lots of chillies! So shhh…

This Chicken Cheese Burst is a devil of a burger. Chomp chomp!

Not kidding, one bite into this heavenly Chicken Cheese Burger (INR 129) can make your day. (Juicy juicy yum yum yum) How’s it made? Fresh boneless chicken is minced (on order) and marinated for a few minutes in egg white with pepper and Italian herbs. It is then kneaded with shredded cheese into a soft dough. A yet another round of cheese is added in the middle of the patty for that extra cheesiness. Who wouldn’t want that?

We think we’re in love – with these tandoori momos!

And yes, we are guilty of ordering momos again, but guys it’s Tandoori Momos (INR 120/150), and it’s a sin not to get a plateful. Thin layer marinated with a paste of mustard oil, deggi mirch and curd, steamed and tandoor-ed (we just made up that term by the way, convenient tha) is beyond explanation. The stuffing too is simply perfect, and cooked to perfection. Marry these momos with sliced onions and green chutney, we are flying into waves of ecstasy.

Dhyaan dein 

Do notice the little things that NEC offers besides a good ambience and food.

  • For instance, when you are climbing up their staircase (which is a little steep, so be careful), notice the wall on your right. It is full of beautiful images of our North East India showing off its vivacity and culture.
  • Then, no matter how much AC they switch on,  jo mazza cooler ki hawa mein hai, it’s no where; and they have one!
  • Similarly, they take a few minutes extra to serve your order because everything is cooked on order – from sauces to chicken patty, everything! And that you can well sense with the first bite into the food.
  • Extremely popular among corporates and the crowd from JNU and IIT, NEC definitely makes up for the paucity of cafes in Munirka. If you are anywhere around, do hop on to this one for a quick bite!


Where:  NEC Food Resto, Shop No. 7, DDA Market Wing B, Phase 2, Munirka,
New Delhi
Contact: 09560360469
Cuisine: Multi-Cuisine
Timing: 11.-00 AM to 11.00 PM
Ambience: Open, Lush green, perfect for monsoons
Waiting time: 15-20 minutes
Must Try: Assamese Thali
Meal for two: INR 500 for two

Gyaan: This place is run by two young professionals who go beyond limits to serve their passion on the plate. Each ingredient is hand-picked and they take feedback very seriously!

Photos and Content: ©Team Kyaa Karein


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