Grab a Coloured Cappuccino @ Café Mudlark, Rohini

It was by sheer chance that we found this cute little café while walking down our way to the Pitampura Metro station, craving for some hot coffee in this freezing cold. Enter us, and there is this cosy place with bamboo and cane furniture and some quirky posters – Café Mudlark. Add to it a wall dedicated to beach theme with swim tubes, surf board and ropes. Interesting, we thought, and settled in to order.

Cafe Mudlark, Rohini_Kyaakarein copyright
Cafe Mudlark, Rohini

We chose to opt for a regular cup of cappuccino and waffles, but when our order arrived, we were in for a surprise. As the owner of the café happened to be present there at the moment, he sent us coloured cappuccinos instead! Those colours on the cream, aah, we didn’t want to ruin the art, but drank it, hehe.

Colored Cappucino_Kyaakarein copyright
Colored Cappucino

The Mudlark Mix Waffle that lay by the side was another surprise, four pieces – one of a different flavour each (blueberry, mango, kiwi and red cherry) was a delight of another world (ohkay, our mouth has begun to water). So while our taste buds were all sugary, we ended up ordering the Tex Mex Waffle too (doesn’t that sound so exotic, a non-sugary waffle that is al corns and vegetables tossed in Schezwan sauce!) Not kidding, we were licking our fingers when done; and yet again under INR 500! (High Five partner!)

Mudlark Mix Waffle_Kyaakarein copyright
Mudlark Mix Waffle

Café Mudlark is placed very strategically if you see, in the close proximity of not one or two, but three institutes – Geetarattan International Business School and Tecnia, and Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies; and so it is thronged by students all day long. And since there ain’t many cafés around, there is no guessing that this one happens to be the most popular joint of them all. And good for a date too (Valentine’s Day aa raha hai boss!)

Tex Mex Waffle_Kyaakarein copyright
Tex Mex Waffle


Where: 386A, Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, Sector 8C, Delhi- 110085
Nearest Metro Station: Pitampura (Walking distance from there)
Ambience: Simple, cosy and warm
Service: Quick staff
Waiting time: 8- 10 minutes
Must Try: Coloured Cappuccino, Mudlark Mix Waffle and Tex Mex Waffle
Meal for two: INR 500 plus taxes

If you find these coloured cappuccinos somewhere again, do let us know!

Images: Team Kyaa Karein

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