Office-Goers Who Are Navratri-Fasting, We’ve Got You Covered!


Yeah, no onion-garlic, and chicken butter masala. The pain is real! But it’s okay, just a matter of few days right, (yaar Navratri hai, the only time we seriously detox!)

Good news is you don’t have to refrain from yummy food, and can still enjoy some delectable items from three Navratri special menu items at Chai Point Delhi-NCR outlets. On offer are Sabudana Pakora, Faryali Alu Wada and Kuttu Wrap (sounds interesting already, isn’t it?)

Sabudana Pakoda


This all-time fasting substitute for cutlets during Navratri, Sabudana Pakora is made with tapioca pearls, peanuts, potato and kuttu atta– healthy and tasty, both at the same time. It is neither gooey with too much sabudana, neither too crispy, but just the right amount of fried to be had as snack during that quick chai break.

Faryali Alu Wada


A quick snack stuffed with potatoes, cashews and green chillies, coated with ragi flour makes for a healthy option! To us it felt more like a cousin of aloo bonda, but very filling. So don’t go on the size, finish one before ordering more.

Kuttu Wrap


This one was a surprise for us. A healthy fasting version of chilla cum masala dosa, the Kuttu Wrap is made using buckwheat flour, sabudana, potatoes, green chillies and spices. If you team with some chai, you might not feel hungry for a while!

Gyaan: Do’s and Don’ts of Navratri Eating

While we were happily gorging on the menu, we consulted the renowned nutritionist and weight management consultant, Kavita Devgan for her inputs. She suggests:

  • Try eating allowed grains (kuttu ka atta, saidha rice, etc.) as grains like kuttu ka atta are very healthy for us. If you are bored of regular puri, try making Kuttu Wraps at home
  • Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables as it helps our body to physiologically ease down during the navratri
  • Kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) is packed with high quality protein and offers more of the amino acid lysine that is missing from most of our regular/preferred staples wheat and rice (corn, oats and quinoa also contain this amino acid). That’s a big plus, primarily in strict vegetarian diets where enough good quality protein is always a challenge
  • Sabudana is also very good for us, so try making recipes like sabudana khichri, pakoras and kheer
  • Have butter milk in between meals as filler, it not only helps in digestion, but also cools down the system
  • Don’t convert Navratri fast into a feast, try to control the consumption

Navratri Food – A Blessing in Disguise?

Kavita also says that fasting and turning vegetarian helps rest and unburden the body (and its systems), lets it heal, refresh and refurbish from within and thus help cleanse it too (a natural detox if you please!). Navratras come during season change; from winter to summer and again when the air just begins to get nippy – and when our immunity is at a low. Which is why avoiding processed food, meat, going gluten free, salt free, and having lots of fruits and vegetables actually helps our bodies pass this trying time (physiologically) with ease.


Where: Chai Point outlets (Delhi-NCR)
Cuisine: Navratri Special Menu
Dates: September 21- 29
Timing: 8:30 AM to 10.00 PM
Must Try: Sabudana Pakora,
Facebook Page:  Chai Point

P.S: You can order via their app too!

Photos: Chaipoint/Team Kyaa Karein
Content: Team Kyaa Karein
Cover Image Illustration: Freepik

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