Relive Your Student Days @Café Pathshala, Noida

Yep! This school-themed cute café near Amity University (Gate 2), Noida will make you go all nostalgic. With benches as furniture, noticeboard for offers and a lunch bell at the entrance, Café Pathshala is a cosy one that is easy on the pocket too.

A haven for Amity University students (who also get a 10% discount btw), Café Pathshala is most crowded between 10am-4pm. Karaokes start at 3pm making those budding  singers throng here even more (hookah bhi hai).

On browsing the menu seemed interesting and we started off with ordering some Veggie Nachos, Samosa Roll, and Italian Gol Gappas. Thankfully we went in the evening, so the service was quick and the first one on the table was the Veggie Nachoschatpate, crispy, tangy with a hint of street food flavour, they were served with an awesome homemade salsa sauce.

Veggie Nachos

Next up was the Samosa Roll and they were yummy! More like a spring roll with samosa stuffing, it is a good twist to the sweet old recipe with a dash of chaat masala that adds a zing to its flavour (plus the stuffing will remind you of mummy wale aloo). It is also served with homemade hot garlic sauce.


Samosa Rolls

Then came those awesome Italian Gol Gappe, the one thing we were very curious to gulp down. Imagine cream sauce pasta and arrabiata sauce stuffed in those little golgappas, mouthwatering isn’t it? That’s exactly how it tasted! (Don’t expect them to be crispy though.)

Italian Gol Gappe

Still a bit hungry we ordered for a Nacho Burger, which wasn’t exactly what we expected. Tasted yum, with nachos stuffed instead of aloo patty, it had loads of veggies making it a great choice for the health conscious (we missed the patty mayn).

Nacho Burger

Now for some meetha, we went for Chocolate Waffles (also because they came on offer and thus cheap tee hee). One bite into and goodness, it melted in the mouth like a hot knife on butter!  Not kidding, sachi! You HAVE to order this!

Chocolate Waffles


Just in case you stay as a PG near the Amity Campus, and crave good home-cooked meals, Café Pathshala might be just the answer. The café offers monthly meal plans for students offering breakfast (8.30-10 am) and dinner (8-10pm) on weekdays and all three meals on weekends (on holidays, all three meals on weekdays too, at no extra cost).  The all month meal plan comes for INR 35,00 and only dinner for INR 2500. And for just this you can enjoy an unlimited buffet! If you have not taken any plan, and still wish to have the buffet, it comes for just INR 100!

P.S: Mobile signal might be an issue since it is located in a basement


Where:  Café Pathshala, KO-12, Near Amity University, Sector 126, Noida 
  098729 95593
Cuisine: Café, Italian, Continental, Chinese
Timing: 8:30 AM to 10.00 PM
Ambience: School-themed
Service: Quick and courteous
Waiting time: 8-10 minutes
Must Try: Italian Golgappas, Samosa Roll, Waffles
Landmark: Amity University, Noida Sector 125, Gate 2
Meal for two: INR 550 for two

Photos and Video: ©Team Kyaa Karein
Content: ©Team Kyaa Karein
Cover Image: Cafe Pathshala

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