Shakes @ Goosebumps Cafe, Karkardooma

If you wish to cheer up, tag a friend along and start walking. If it rains, great. If you are hungry, even better. So as we wanted to beat the weather blues we ended up outside this cute café on main Vikas Marg Road, Karkardooma. We had seen this many times while driving past during the evenings and were intrigued to see neon green lanterns hanging from its roof. It was always lit up in the dark like a glowworm. Look close, and you read ‘Goosebumps Café’. Interesting, very interesting.

Goosebumps Cafe, Karkardooma, Delhi_kyaakarein copyright
Goosebumps Cafe, Karkardooma, Delhi

So this one final evening when we actually stood outside this café, it looked so harmless from outside. A nice bakery cum snack point on the ground floor it had a fine dining kind-of-an-arrangement on the floor above. While you could drop in for quick take aways like a McDonalds from the lower one, this one was more for families. Both the seating areas have good capacity and different decors. Inquisitive souls that we are, we stepped out and sat in the open area of the top floor, from where the green lanterns hung down beautifully. The rain outside, the plying metro across the trees and the busy road was a different experience altogether.

Farmers-Fresh-Woodfire-Pizza_kyaakarein copyright
Farmers Fresh Woodfire Pizza

Since this area was more for sweet savories like smoothies, shakes, mocktails and ice-creams, we ordered a Go Berry soda shake and Go Rochers. Here only for a break, we decided to order their popular Farmer’s Fresh pizza too (that was baked in front of us in a wood fire!). While our order came, we looked around and marveled at the quirky furniture. The wooden tables had wheels and the seasonings were kept in a box that looked like a book from your school library!

Go-Berry-Soda-Shake_kyaakarein copyright
Go Berry Soda Shake

Our Go Berry was the first one to come and trust us, it drove us bonkers. It came with a separate shot glass having extra berry syrup that was kept in another glass oozing fumes of dry ice. Exotic! And extremely yum (we could bite berries in each gulp, it was that rich!). Go Rochers was next and one of us promised our news borns to that taste. It was like drinking liquid Ferrero Rochers. Then came our pizza and we would be lying if we didn’t tell you how well it was prepared. Thin crust that oozed cheese and tasted so fresh. We even brought back two slices home and didn’t need to reheat as the cheese was still melted and oozing. While we gulped all this down enjoying the awesome weather outside, we noticed that a lot of teenagers and young crowd pouring in (date shate eh, wink).

“Can we get the check please?” and there it was… and unbelievable amount of INR 475. Like seriously, is this for real?

(P.S: Try carrying cash, we had to haggle as the card machine didn’t work at all)

Let’s try their making that mouth-watery Go Berry Soda Shake Recipe NOW!


Where: House 1, Dayanand Vihar, Opposite HOD, Karkardooma, New Delhi
Ambience: Café, Rooftop, Open
Service: Decently quick
Waiting time: 8- 10 minutes
Must Try: Go Berry and Go Rochers Shakes and Farm Fresh Pizza
Meal for two: INR 500 plus taxes

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Photos: Team Kyaa Karein

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