Snacks @ Fired Karamchari, Indirapuram

What do you do when you are cashless and have even lesser time to spend with your friends? Add to it Indirapuram and pre-supper hunger pangs. You reach out to the first café you can see! Well, in our case it was more like the café we knew but never ventured into, and now that we were driving past through it, no time could have been better than now! Fired Karamchari, open the doors!

School Canteen Aloo Tikki Burger_KyaaKarein
School Canteen Aloo Tikki Burger

Located in Orange County square, this cute café makes for a good quick snack time. The interiors are done simply, with various quotes on corporate life hung on the walls for giving it a quirky effect. They like to call it a book café sometimes but Fired Karmachari doesn’t really fall in that category as there is but a single chair devoted to a book shelf if you may say.

The menu isn’t vast but sumptuous enough to satiate those food pangs. Since we had little time in hand, we ordered mushroom crostini, school canteen style aloo tikki burger and vanilla shake. While we waited for our food, some investigation on why the name is Fired Karmchari, we got to know that the one of the owners was actually fired and his friend, left his job at will to open this café. Now, that’s what we call interesting!

mushroom crostini_KyaaKarein
Mushroom Crostini

Fifteen minutes later our food arrived and the school canteen burger was exactly how you get it there! While the patty inside was yum the buns tasted a bit raw and we had to get them done again. Nevertheless, when we tried the mushroom crostinis, we couldn’t help but gulp down within 60 seconds. They were simply yum yum yum! Vanilla shake… well who reviews a vanilla shake, just slurp it down man. He he.

Time over, we need to go, get us the bill please. INR 500 and less. Yay! Saste mein nipat gaye!

We came home and thought why not try cooking those yummy Mushroom Crostinis again? Try the recipe yourself, it’s soooo easy.


Where: Shop Number 107/108, Orange County Square, Opposite Aditya Mall, Indirapuram
Ambience: Simple
Service: Decently quick
Waiting time: 10 -15 minutes
Must Try: Mushroom Crostini
Meal for two: INR 500 plus taxes

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Photos: Team Kyaa Karein


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