Diwali is THIS WEEKEND, Gift Liya?

Diwali is less than five days away! From flea markets to malls to online stores, there is enough available to check out but that’s the problem. There is TOO MUCH to choose from. For our last minute shopping, we made some quick decisions for our different set of friends. Have a look, kaam aayega 😉

For the friend no less than a princess (rajkumari sab ki)

Be chic, be a princess

While we may think she is one of us, she doesn’t! This friend of ours has her own set of whims and fancies, and we kind-of don’t mind that- dost hai yaar, chalta hai. Since she thinks (actually believes) herself to be a princess, we thought we could make her feel like one and decided her to get her those fairy-tale shoes! Enter luxury leather footwear brand Oceedee with its festive collection and we were sorted. It is glittery (so will work for the festive or the upcoming shaadi season), bright-coloured and trendy. Also, with interesting names given to each style in the collection, it was easy for us to choose for us – Emma (a bit traditional with a gold floral pattern), Angela (an interesting mix of maroon and gold), Meg (shiny bright) and Ellen (subtle nude with gold) and few others (itna yaad nahi hai). We chose Meg for her and suggested her boyfriend to get her one too (badiya kiya na).

Kitne Ka: INR 2,999 onwards
Kahan Milega: www.oceedee.com

For the friend who writes (kagaz kalam wale log)

The power of a pen cannot be understated, right?

One of our friends is majorly into writing and when he does we are all put to shame seeing his handwriting. The way he writes is exquisite and he says it is all in the instrument, in this case it is his collection of stationery. Since he is a pen collector, we chose to buy him the festive combo by premium writing instrument’s brand William Penn – a combo including a 9322 Gold Trims Ball point pen (with 22kt gold plated trims!! Exquisite, must say) and a Desk Compass gift set. Seeing this exclusive set, ab se hum bhi likhna shuru!

Kitne Ka: INR 1,700
Kahan Milega: Locate the closest William Penn store at www.williampenn.net; more options here

For the friend who remains tip-top (fashionable log)                                         

Spread the glitter, add that zing around

We have a friend who loves to keep her wardrobe chic. Cigarette pants with short kurtas, tube skirts with loose crops and an enviable collection of scarves and stoles – sigh… always tip-top. This Diwali we thought we could get her something to add that festive zing to her style statement. We bought this beautifully sequined stoles from Ahujasons (had serious afterthoughts of keeping it with us, it looks super-pretty with smart casuals!). Playing safe, we bought a piece that would go with all her outfits, but you can make your own pick from the collection. Good thing is, these scarves, stoles and shawls are available in interesting colours including wild-berry, fuschia, golden and turquoise (we bought the turquoise and golden for ourselves by the way).

Kitne ka: INR 2,000 onwards
Kahan Milega: Ahujasons exclusive stores-Khan MarkeT, South Extension II, Karol Bagh, DLF Mall of India, Noida

For the friend who keeps interiors top-notch (saaj-sajja wale log)

Light it up

So she keeps her home and office so updated, we often forget she is actually a corporate lawyer and NOT an interior decorator. Already experimented with varied looks and themes for her spaces, there is little that surprises her. We thought kyaa khareedein? Recommended by a colleague, we landed at housefull.com and found the décor collection here really interesting. Browsing through a mix of wall clocks, wall hangings, mirrors, vases, temples, lamps, idols and statues; we came across some sassy fits for us. We chose the pretty pretty hand-painted lanterns for her (and boat Ganesha for us).

Oh-kay, addition here. When mom saw the presents she got excited and DEMANDED for similar stuff for home. As a gift under INR 600, we acted smart and bought her a set of marble choki, pot and nariyal. Mummy khush, sab khush.

Kitne Ka: INR 499 onwards
Kahan Milega: www.housefull.comwww.housefull.com/table-lamps

For the friend who loves to click (photo wale log)

Click it, share it, cherish it

Yeah, he gives us awesome pictures to change our WhatsApp and Facebook DPs; and we are able to live our modelling fantasies because of this one friend. Thankfully a bunch of us pooled in, and we got a really cute polaroid camera for him- one from the Fujifilm’s Instax series (festive offer mein discount pe mil gaya he he). Available in chirpy colours like grape, raspberry, pink, blue and yellow as well, the Instax proved to be quite a deal. From the three options available (Mini 8 Bundle Pack, Mini 8 Festival Box and Mini 8 Party Box), we chose the festival box for him (fayda apna tha 😉 ). With the camera, this pack came with 20 twin filmpack shots, album, fridge magnet, colourful frames, bunting and stickers too! Now, we are waiting for the unboxing ceremony so we can get some more pictures – instantly!

Kitne Ka:
Mini 8 Bundle Pack: INR 8,633, but the offer price is INR 5,999
Mini 8 Festival Box: INR 9,999 but the offer price is INR 6,999
Mini 8 Party Box: INR 12,999 but the offer price is INR 9,999
Kahan Milega: Snapdeal & Amazon

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