This Rakhi, Get The Gift You Want!

Nahi yaar, no chocolate hampers or handy cash as Rakhi gift this year please! Why not get what you wish for, without really having to ask for it? Yes, we are not kidding. We found this awesome portal that not only allows you to create a wish list, but also to share it with others (hint: bhai)!

Hak se maango what you want for Rakhi via Wishtry!

What is this Wishtry?

Simple words mein, Wishtry is a gift registry platform where you add products of your choice from various websites and create a wishlist. This will be your very own wishlist having only the handpicked items and can be shared with your bhai and cousins. No awkward formalities of exchanging cash, just an innocent list of things you desire (aur kya bhai se toh bol hi sakte hai hehe). 

And… how does it work?

Aur bhi simple. When you visit, just add it to your bookmarks bar, and now whenever you browse through any shopping site and like something, click the bookmark and voila, it’s added to the wishlist! You can share this list with your family and friends via e-mail or social platforms, warna they can search for your name on too! When any of the items is purchased from the link, you will get notified via email and also on the app.

Itna easy!

Plus Points

  1. You get exactly what you want
  2. No restrictions! Add unlimited gifts to your wishlist
  3. You can ask for cash gifts too (next trip plan ho jayega)
  4. No awkwardness in accepting gifts you don’t like
  5. Subtle way of telling your peeps “Get me this!”
  6. You get saved from exchanging/returning if you like the present
  7. Stress free for anyone who’s buying a present for you
  8. No more chocolates please! We are watching our diet!

So Beheno, what are you waiting for? Time kam hai, start wishing!


Content by Team Kyaa Karein

Image Courtesy: Wishtry

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