Kyun Kyaa Karein?

Kyaa Karein FoundersSanjhi Agarwal, a content strategist by the day and dreamer by night is also an avid conversationalist. Her love for ‘words’ in all forms has led her to stick to the field ever since she can remember. Based out of Delhi, she fakes her four hours of total commute to office as her ‘me time’.

Priya Goswami, a former marketing and brand professional chose to follow her passion – photography and never looked back. Based out of Delhi/NCR, she happily hops across the country for her travel writing and photography assignments.

Aisa hai, we were getting bored and thought we need to do something to add spice to our lives. Same old story, sick of our corporate lives, we felt we breathe for the company and not for us. We wondered, kyaa karein? Thankfully, with weekends in our hand, we decided to explore Dilli-NCR – the food, culture and everything else. Food first, everything else later.

So, join us as we explore the various aspects of this city and around. Let’s be friends and tell each other new places to explore, eat and have fun. We are not a food listing, not a shopping or a travel guide, we are not reviewing, and neither are we telling you to follow us blindly. We are a friend who experiences or finds something interesting and shares with you, and is willing to be a part in your ventures. We are the word of mouth you might want to listen to. Connect with us! If next time you wonder kyaa karein, yahan aa jana!

Aate raha karo, achha lagta hai 😉

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