Black Pepper and Mint Chutney Namak Paras Recipe, whoa!

Diwali chai party is set for tomorrow and we needed something desi with a twist, so got this awesome recipe by the chef of Berggruen hotels. It came out yum!

Black Pepper & Mint Chutney Namak Paras

Kyaa bana rahe hai: Black Pepper & Mint Chutney Namak Paras
Kisne Bataya: Chef Apoorv Bhatt, Corporate Chef at Berggruen Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
Kitna time lagega: 60 minutes

Kyaa kyaa chahiye:

  • 600 gm Maida
  • 16 gm Salt
  • 25 gm Black Pepper/Mint Chutney
  • 15 gm Jeera
  • 10 gm Hing
  • 100 gm Dalda
  • 2 litres Oil

Kaise banega:

  1. Make a tight dough using all the ingredients. Use mint chutney or black pepper as optional flavours. Mint chutney will give the namak paras a green and tangy tinge.
  2. Roll it using roller pan.
  3. Cut in strips.
  4. Swirl it and then deep fry.
  5. Ready to serve with some hot tea.

Chai pe aa jayein?

Photo: Berggruen Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

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